When "Sabbath" fits just right but looks so different

I wanted to share my "sabbath" with you today. 

Chris took the kids out for the day. It's 2:10pm and I haven't brushed my hair or my teeth. I turned on my hipster worship music and pulled out the flour. I let myself fill my "day of rest" with four loads of dishes, 6 pizzas, 2 salads, and a counter full of muffins. The reason I'm sharing this is because my idea of sabbath is constantly being transformed. 

I want to have days of sabbath where I sit in solitude with Jesus and rest, but I'm finding my "sabbath" can look more like service. 

I would love to curl up on the couch with my bible while Jackson rocks away in his swing but right now I feel God is calling me to meet him in the kitchen. To give of my whole day, the very limited and precious silence and alone time I get, and give it to someone else. 

To give it to Him. 

To give it to the new mom who is spending her days in bed loving a new life into this world. With milk-stained, puffy-eyed, exhaustion. The new mom who will love a single slice of homemade pizza more than I would love my time of rest. Because to her, that pizza means more time. More time with baby and less time on her feet. More time of sleep and less time doing her own dishes. 

What costs me little will give her much.

And I want to tell you I've met God here. Covered in flour, I noticed that I'm finding intimacy and pleasure in God, in the giving today. 

Sabbath can look like whatever God chooses to draw you into, that leads you to rest in Him and dance with His spirit. And today, as crazy and as unexpected as it is, I am finding so much rest in not choosing to rest. 

So my challenge for you all is to jump into service, wherever God calls you. Take the time to listen and then step out and DO. Service can be so beautiful, so restful, and so close to God when we find where it fits for us. 
This is what fits for me now and in two years this might not fit anymore. If I find I'm losing the joy in this I will ask for what's next, and I will DO.

We are called to serve, to pick up our cross and join Jesus, in sacrificing the things that comfort us and the things that we hold close. But I also strongly feel that service will bring us great joy and thus come from joy. And that's what looks like Jesus. It's through service that we can love deeply. 

It's in the giving of ourselves for the happiness of another that will show the world who Jesus really is. 

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