About Me

Hi! Here's a little about who I think I am.
It changes.
Not my identity, because that's locked in.
It's written on the beautiful pages of my bible.
 I also am allowed the freedom to flow, sway, and move with the constantly changing tides of my responsive spirit.

Today I am...
  • a mom,
  • a blogger and writer,
  • a very grateful wife,
  • the co-leader of a group of profoundly inspiring female disciples,
  • a humbled friend to many, whom I'm still amazed include me in the most intimate corners of their hearts,
  • a sister and daughter, in the most affectionate, wild, and unpredictable family out there,
  • an avid explorer of the many adventures of books,
  • a lover of good food and a messy kitchen,
  • a self-declared hipster,
  • a not-so-good-sounding car vocalist,
  • a fierce minimalist,
  • and a dreamer of a future that floats on the wings of missions, the gospel, ink, paper and a good hammer.

On these pages I lay it all out.
The depths of my love for a God who I'm continually getting to know and the corners of all the caverns of my heart.
On these pages I will share my voice, my opinions, and the tapestry of the little glimpses of God's voice in my heart.
I will make mistakes here.
I will write things I will later disagree with and I will write things that I will pass along to my children one day.
This is a place of exploration as I try to navigate this life.
This is also a place full of grace.
So welcome, make yourself at home.

Let's hangout! Follow my other feeds <3
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