About Me

Hey there!
I am Candace.
Thank you for jumping onto my blog and supporting my life-long love of writing. Ever since I was a kid I would write. Usually when I was upset or excited or in love haha. It was a release and a safe place.
I've come a long time since being that girl but writing has not lost it's place in my life. I have less time for it now but it still flows through me like breathing. So thank you. It means the world to me that you are here.
I am a mama of three, a wife to one pretty amazing man, and a devoted follower of Jesus.
I love reading, I like video games, and my heart is wherever people are.
I am a new homeschool mom and loving every moment of it.
I love to adventure and I'm very very spontaneous. Planning makes me a bit nervous but tell me we are flying away on an unplanned adventure in the morning and I'm your girl.
I am truly extroverted to my core. I love people deeply. But I can't take credit for that, that's Jesus who lives in me.
So welcome to my life. I invite you in to join me on this crazy adventure and grow, laugh, and cry together.

Please stay connected with me.

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