The Beauty in Obedience

Something cool that God is teaching me right now is the beauty in obedience. I think too often we see obedience as this duty or some daunting obligation but lately God's been showing me how to see obedience in a completely different way.

The last few times I've stepped out in obedience, in ways that seem really difficult and scary, I've been left with incredible blessing.

God was sitting there waiting to say, that he's got a treasure waiting for me but it has to come after obedience. After looking back the being obedient part wasn't that big of a deal. What I was being obedient too wasn't really all that hard and didn't actually cost me all that much.

But as I look back I see the grand reward God had for me. That His response WAS that big of a deal.

He has store houses waiting for us if we only listen and obey. 

Pursuing righteousness and holiness doesn't just create those priceless characteristics in us but it also creates bounty, wealth, and great abundance of the blessing of God. That doesn't mean more money in the bank, a bigger house, or a nicer car.

If that's all God had for us he would be robbing us of what our hearts truly desire.

Wealth in friendship and companionship, a bounty of wisdom, and  an abundance of intimacy and confidence in God and his great love for us.

That's the treasure I want.

So I have to stop and give thanks the best I can with all that I have because he's blessing me with this season of teaching me obedience.

Ask God to take you on a journey to teach you Christ-like obedience and I assure you that you will not come up empty handed or disappointed. 
And it won't cost you anything that your soul didn't already desire to relieve itself of.

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