What's on my shelf?

Reading is one of the things closest to my heart. I feel like reading often teaches you beautiful things about yourself, about God, about the hidden beauty in the world, and about the brokenness in the world that we can pray for and even have the power to change.
 So I wanted to take some time and just share the books that have been the closest to my heart, the books that have deepened my love and devotion to God, and the books that have changed me that most so far.


The Monster Under My Bed

I had a monster under my bed.
It was one that I didn't ever tell anyone about.
It lurked and crept in and out of my life like a fly on a hot day that you just can't swat away.

It was my best kept secret.


What I want to teach my daughter about motherhood

Motherhood is hard. It will humble you and show you cracks in your character that will make you cringe at times, but it will also humble you and show you cracks that eventually break open to a new and uncharted love that you would have never experienced otherwise.

Motherhood isn't always giving birth. Mothers come in all forms, from the biological to the adoptive to the foster mom and everything in between. Being a mom to your children will be incredible but loving a child that was entrusted to you through the life of another mother is courageous, selfless, and shows the incredible beauty in choosing love.


To the weary youth leaders and pastors please don't give up

Picture a little girl.
Stringy, unbrushed, blonde hair and big blue eyes. 
She's a tiny girl, a girl with rapid feet and a fragile heart. 
She's a girl with secrets and scars so deep that they leap to the surface disguised as mischief and trouble. 
She's the girl with a broken home, a broken heart, and a broken future as far as anyone can see. 
There are not many who take the time for her or have any hope for her. 
She's holding tightly to the anchor of the fierce love of her earthly father and the attention she gets from being a little too loud, a little too wild, and a little too messy. 
She's sweet but so full of spice. 
She looks like a habanero pepper dipped in sugar and she spends her youth being treated that way too. 
People get close but never close enough to feel the heat for too long. 


What I'm actually praying for my future daughters

It was a typical night in our home when I took my sweet 7 year old son down to his room to send him off to sleep for the night. We slumped down in his bed and started to read together. As we began to read he asked me why we all sleep where we sleep and why his dad and I always sleep together.

This led me to tell him of the beauty of marriage and that one day he too will lay down at night next to a woman he loves and chooses to be his wife. His little eyes filled with such joy and amazement it sent my heart leaping from my chest. To know that I have the call to nurture this little man's blossoming anticipation and excitement for marriage is such a magnificent privilege.

Your Love