It's been a while... a little poetry.

I want to gather up these roots like a skirt and carry them on the wind. 
I want to go,
go where none have touched yet,
go beyond my rational and stretch to the edges of my dreams.
And as my roots ache for the depths, instead I will dance and lift them where ever you lead. 
Weightless as a song, take this heart among the lost and lonely.
Let me lift the ones weighted down by the busy and help me to bring them into your rest. 
You've made me as wild as a colt destined for the horizon. 
Don't let the rush of life settle me but teach me to dream.
To live life on the wings of the unknown.
The freedom of uncertainty and the confidence of knowing you've already touched the end.
Use this wandering heart for more than pointless chatter.
Don't let me slip into the suits and ties and the rat race of the nine to fives.
But give me childlike wander, let me be playful and never lose these quick feet and this faithful saunter. 

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