My favorite frugal grocery shopping tip

I recently found the bulk spice isle of my grocery store and I was intrigued. I love buying spices and herbs but they are always so expensive so I've always had to do without some. I was taking my time building up my collection until I found out you can buy spices in bulk and when I saw the prices I was so excited. Here's what I came up with.

Here is some onion powder (which is one of the cheaper spices. I bought this a couple months ago and I paid about 5$ for the bottle. Every time I went to go buy spices before I found that I was paying anywhere from 5-7$ for a bottle about this size. 

Then I found the bulk isle. I bought these jars at ikea for 4 for 3$ and the best part is to fill each one is about 50 cents. So instead of paying 5$ for a bottle of garlic powder I paid maybe 1$ including the jar. For the same amount of spice. 

Give it a try you will save so much!

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