New Potty Chart DIY

Today was the first day of our potty training journey. Troy decided to go willingly to the potty and peed for the first time. I decided to then make him a potty chart where he will be rewarded for his successful trips to the bathroom. He loves candy (like any toddler) and stickers so this is what I came up with.

I went and bought a foam board, scrapbook paper and some stickers and made this chart and I let Troy pick out his favorite stickers. He picked Dora of course so at the top I let him put his first sticker. I told him when he potty's 7 times we can go out for ice cream. 

Along with the chart I made a little treat jar with some stickers and an old pasta sauce jar that I cleaned. Each time he goes potty he gets one smarty from the jar. 

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