Welcome to homeschool let me help.

So I've heard that there are many schools in the States that have shut down and we are heading that way here in Canada. With that I can totally sympathize with moms who are nervous about what to do next. 

I was in the boat not long ago when I set out on this journey and spent hours upon hours researching how to begin teaching my kids at home. 
But while I know most of you don't have hours and probably don't even know where to begin, I want to help ease some of the stress. 
If you are bringing your kids home or know someone who is please feel free to share this blog post. I will compile a list of free resources that will keep your kids challenged and learning and will also take the stress off of you when it comes to thinking you have to become an over-night teacher. 

We absolutely LOVE Khan Academy. It is so simple to use and covers every grade from preschool through University even. The math is taught through short and concise videos. My kids both grade 2 and grade 5 can sit and learn from them independently. They then go on to practice in a mastery based format. There are quizzes and unit tests as well. And the kids level up and reach goals as they go. One thing I absolutely love about this curriculum is that it is timed. When I went to public school in grade 4 for the first time, I really struggled with keeping up with timelines and testing but this makes sure the kids are going at a healthy pace and not too fast. 

NOTE: Khan academy also has full grammar curriculum and endless other subjects for junior high and highschool. Honestly you could just use this website on it's own and know your kids are getting all the learning they need. 

Educational Media: 
Youtube has endless channels that are great for keeping your kids engaged and learning. 
We love Peekaboo kids, Art for kids hub, Homeschool Pop, and Superbook for our favourite bible stories.

Spotify has tons of great podcasts and audio books for kids.

Download the hoopla and Libby app to get free audio and ebooks from the local library.

If you have access to Rightnowmedia through your church, there are tons of creation science videos and devotionals on there for the kids to watch.

Scratch is one of my sons favourite sites for learning to code. 

Picmonkey is my daughter's favourite site to play on. It's actually a design and editing website. It's great for letting them explore the computer and editing. Helps them learn to type and search the internet. 
Kiddle is a great kid-safe search engine to do research and scan the internet for what interests them. 

If you are looking to buy books to help we've loved Language Lessons for a Living Education  by Masterbooks for Grammar. 
The Funschooling books are so much fun and cover a wide range of subjects. We loved the science minecraft book this year. 

At the end of the day keep it very very simple. Grammar and Math are what's central and just read lots. Read together and enjoy this time together. It is such a gift. Have your kids do chores around the house. Let them see the effort you put in and let them take part in caring for your home and family. Teach them to cook. Sing songs together and dance. PLAY. Lots and lots of PLAY. Your kids will NOT fail in this world if you put aside society's design for education for a short while and play with your kids. Get outside and learn in nature. Celebrate God for all He's given us. 

Learn geography by praying for other kids around the world Operation World is amazing resource that guides you into praying for every country and gives you facts about the people and what they are going through right now. Teach your kids empathy and love by showing them how to pray for people in many different circumstances all around the world. 

And most important READ your bibles together. Read them alone. This is what brings change. This is what transforms our hearts. Teaches our kids to be kind, loving, and compassionate humans. Teaching them that their identity is greater than what the world tells them it is. 

And to wrap this up, I just want to say that you are more than welcome to contact me if you need help, encouragement, or prayer. If you are sick, struggling with fear, or want to know this freedom and hope I have please contact me! 

I love you! 

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