Let's talk about the Elephant in the room because he's probably stepping on you.


Fear is so prevalent everywhere right now. I mean if we are honest it always was. The bible is pretty clear on that. Every single person who doesn't know Jesus walks around with a deep and lasting fear. A fear of death that haunts everyone who doesn't know where death leads. Our hearts were imprinted with eternity. Whether we claim to believe in God or not, if we are honest with ourselves, we can feel that pull of eternity. For those who know that that eternity places them in the peace and wholeness of God's hands there is an anticipation, an excitement, a joyful longing. For those who don't know, there is only fear and uncertainty. 

We don't often talk about this but we know it's real. I could see it on every face as I walked around Costco today. We are usually better at hiding it or distracting ourselves from it but with the alarm of sickness in the media and fear of isolation, you can see that fear seeping out of people all around you. 

I have to admit I can't imagine how that must feel. For as long as I can remember my hope was so secure in my forever with Jesus. So knowing that people feel this all the time brings such sadness to my heart for them. And it should or I wouldn't do anything about it. 
It's both heartbreaking and convicting thinking about all of the people around me terrified of death. It's more heartbreaking and convicting knowing that I have a way out of it and aren't sharing it all the time. 

I have a message for those of you drowning in this fear. Whether you want to admit it or not. I know you might not want to but keep reading. Please. 

For those of you who are living day to day terrified of death, terrified of sickness, terrified of "fill in the blank", I am so sorry. I am sorry I am writing this from my couch and haven't been out there desperately trying to rip you out of the hands of this terror. Because that is my job. That is why I've been entrusted with the truth. That is why Jesus saved me. That is why Paul in the bible says he is indebted to those around him. I am sorry because I owe you the truth. 

But since I'm here and you're hopefully reading this far I will tell you here. My hope is that you will let me take a seat with you as you read this and that you will feel the urgency, love, and desperation in my heart. There is a way out. There is firstly a way out of this fear. Yes, you can be free from the terror, anxiety, and depression that haunts you. And here is why. Because you can be free from death. The reason we have fear, depression, and anxiety is because of death. It might not feel like that but death is the underlying issue. It is the true condition we should be treating. And while it sounds completely insane, you can actually be free from death. 

You see most of us know that Jesus died for our sins. But I don't think we all know what that really means. We sinned and this separated us from God. But this also invoked the death sentence. The wages of sin is death. In other words our payment for sinning is death. We can't run from it, hide from it, or even pretend is doesn't exist because we see it's real and we feel it. But the good news is that Jesus payed the price for our sin. He took our place. When he was raised from the dead HE defeated the power of death over our lives. Because He never sinned death lost its power because Jesus was the sacrifice. He took my death sentence. He took yours. 

And all you have to do is put your faith in Him as King of your life, turn away from your sin and selfish desires, be baptized, and receive His spirit. When you do this you will be completely free from death and the fear of death. Because now you don't die. 

You will go on living with Jesus. He will renew this world, set it back in order, take all the evil and darkness and pain and suffering away and you will live out your eternity with our gracious, loving, kind, King. You aren't going to float around in the sky with dogs with wings. You're going to get a new body that is restored and whole and you will live an abundant beautiful life walking with God. And this is extended to every single person. You have a choice. And the best part is that God meets us now. He brings HIMSELF into us when we choose Him. He walks with us now. Speaks to us, comforts us, guides us, heals us. NOW. You become born again. 

We live in a scary time. And you have every reason to fear without Jesus. But there's another way. You have a choice. He is patiently waiting for you. Please choose Him. Please call out to Him. It's that simple. All who call on the name of the Lord WILL be saved. You don't need a scripted prayer  or a man in a black and white collar. You don't need a church building. Just HIM. Then He will pour His spirit onto you, He will become your safety and refuge, He will protect your from sickness. The minute you ask for Him he will come. 

Jesus is the only way. This isn't a popular view but it's the truth. God left His perfect throne with all His power and glory and became a meek and rejected man for YOU. Now that is LOVE. 

Let this crazy chaotic world wake you up to see that you DO need to worry. Not about sickness, or war, or running out of toilet paper. Let this wake you up to see that it's after that matter. That you are going somewhere and not every option is a good one. You are an eternal being. Which eternity are you choosing? Do you love your life so much that it costs you your eternity or do your love your eternity enough to lose this life? Because it's one or the other. 

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