What's on my shelf?

Reading is one of the things closest to my heart. I feel like reading often teaches you beautiful things about yourself, about God, about the hidden beauty in the world, and about the brokenness in the world that we can pray for and even have the power to change.
 So I wanted to take some time and just share the books that have been the closest to my heart, the books that have deepened my love and devotion to God, and the books that have changed me that most so far.

In hopes that maybe one or some of these books will spark a new passion in your heart for reading and can impact your life like they have mine.
The Bible
(The Bible 😉)

This "book" will always be #1. It has saved me from addiction, loneliness, sickness, pain, death but more than all of this, this "book" has allowed me full and unrestricted access to the God of the Universe. This book has showed me how deep, wide, and far is the Father's love for me. It has shown me a best friend who won't betray me, a Father who won't disappoint me, a Mother who won't leave me, and a family that will always hold me. This book has shown me freedom, peace, love, joy and a true and unchanging future. This book has shown me that I have a right to enter heaven Pure and Holy and it will cost ME nothing! This book has taught me of a God humble enough to come down as a man willing to lose himself, his standing in heaven, his relationship with God, and his very life just for me. For FREE. Just because He loves me! 

Redeeming Love 

by Francine Rivers
This was the fiction book that transformed my life the most profoundly. I've read hundreds of books but I'd never read a fiction book where I could truly hear God and feel God in it. This book brought so much beauty to how I see marriage and love. This book brought me to my knees with a heart set on holding on to my marriage and fighting for it no matter the cost. It was this book that showed my heart that there would be nothing that could drive me to walk away or give up on the man God has given me. And to have that conviction impressed so strongly on my heart, knowing all the "what if's" is the most freeing feeling in the world! This book is a MUST read!

The End of Your Life Book Club 
by Will Schwalbe
This book changed how I see reading, death, and the beauty in the written word. I've always loved reading and writing but the way he brings you on this beautiful adventure of cancer, family, and the world of books has given me a love for reading that I never thought was possible. His words are magical, they will transport you into every book they read together, into the room where his mother is getting her Chemo, and into their sorrow as they are faced with death.  I shed quite a few tears through this one.

31 Days on the Life of Christ 
by J. Oswald Sanders
This book! AMAZING! It was so incredible to have someone organize and walk me through the life of Christ.  And then to have it expanded on with theology was so cool! I was amazed at how this book brought me so much closer to Jesus. I'm so excited to see how much more intimacy I find as I journey with Jesus through the gospels after reading this! I loved how he even spent time showing all the evidence behind the masculinity of Jesus! Such a cool concept and so misunderstood by so many. You won't regret reading this one!

 By Beth Moore
(Bible Study)
This bible study was one of the very first study's I've ever done. This was the study that taught me how to read my bible and really brought me out of some real frustration when reading my bible alone. It really broke everything down and showed me how incredible and fun reading my bible could be.

The Devil in Pew Number Seven
by Rebecca Nichols
This book was intense! It was enlightening, educating, and so moving to be invited into this family's story of persecution and warfare. I was literally on the edge of my seat with this one and would find my heart racing with the author as I read along. No matter what your religious views may be, this book will keep anyone engaged.

Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker and Radical by David Platt

These two books changed everything for me. They changed how I see the church, money, generosity, the world, my life, my things. These books brought me to a place that is just one more step closer to Jesus. These books empowered me to change my life in order to hopefully change other's lives. These books made me more selfless, more passionate, more loving, and drove me to a place so deep in my faith. A place I never thought I could go. I will forever be changed because of these two books. I am eternally grateful to the authors for making space for God to speak so powerfully and beautifully through them. 

These are just a few of the amazing books I've read and there will be so many more to come! I can't wait to share the new ones with you! Stayed tuned! Also if you've read or when you read these books feel free to comment or shoot me a message about your experience with these books. Or if there are others that have impacted your life you'd like to tell me about email me or head over to my contact page and share away! I'd love to hear from you!

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