Fun Dinosaur Birthday Party on a budget

Here are the pictures from Troy's 2nd Birthday party. I had so much fun putting this all together! I can't wait to plan more and make them even more exciting as he gets older.
Dino Cake Pops: Sheet cake and icing rolled into balls and dipped into chocolate. The green chocolate is the candy melts from Michael's. You can get them from bulk barn but they are cheaper from Michael's and there are more colors. The tops of the pops are the tips of candy corn cut off and just placed in the chocolate before it dries. 

Fun ways to eat candy: Candy Corn, yogurt covered peanuts, candy rocks, and pretzels from bulk barn. The bowls are plastic and also from the dollar store. 

Goody bags: Filled with a little bag of candy, dinosaurs, fake tattoos, stickers and playdoh from the dollar store. Each bag had a different dinosaur name on it and inside was a picture and description of that dinosaur I printed out.

dinosaur placemats with dry erase markers from micheals 25 cents each

Dinosaurs hidden in easter grass. Troy's dinos he had in his toy box.

A sign leading to the backyard. I made this on my computer and got the caution tape at the dollar store.

I made a dino excavation in the sand box with toy dino bones, eggs, and candy from the dollar store. The kids loved this! The sand was only 6.99 at Home Depot for a big bag. 

Carnivore and herbivore signs for the food
"Please Sample the Carnivore (meat eating) dinosaur diet."
I made these online and just put them in some frames I had lying around the house. 

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