Bored with Steamed Veggies?

Steaming veggies is the healthiest way to cook them. Really besides baking and raw it's the only way you really should cook vegetables to get the full amount of nutrients. I have been making a lot of steamed veggies and I find it gets a bit boring eating them plain. Last night I decided to mix it up a bit and wanted to flavor my veggies without salt or butter so here's what I did.

Take about a half a piece of ginger and a whole lemon and slice them up. Take the all the ginger slices and all but 3 lemon slices and throw them into a sauce pan of about an inch or two of water. Make sure you have a steamer that fits the sauce pan. splash a little soy sauce in the water and turn the heat to high.
Take your veggies and the three left over lemon slices and put them 
in the steamer and place it on the sauce pan.
Steam until the veggies are tender and you can stick a fork through them. Times depend on the veggies you are using. I promise your veggies won't need anything added to them.
 This is so delicious and healthy!

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