The Brothers and Their Abandoned Nets


The morning was crisp and the light of the day hadn't quite broken through the heaviness of their restless night. Two brothers woke to the sound of waves lapping on the shore and the ever familiar beckoning of a hungry stomach. The life of a fisherman was not one for the faint of heart and yet these brothers knew exactly who they were and loved every minute of throwing their tattered nets into the deep blue abyss. They had been raised fishermen and would one day breathe their last as fishermen. Little did they know they would indeed breathe their last, fishing for men. 

After stepping out onto the cool damp sand the young brothers loaded their humble boat with everything they owned to push out onto the morning waves. The nets seemed to be catching less these days but they always sailed out with heads held high, being prideful men, sure of their calling. 

The hours carried on with very little hope of a solid catch. They began to throw their nets over in a final attempt to bring in their wages for the day, when just beyond the shore stood a man of modest stature waving his hand in a welcoming gesture that left the brothers perplexed, as they had not seen this man along their shores before. 

Taking this man's strange invitation as an excuse to call it day, the brothers pushed their tired and empty boat onto the sand. As they stepped out of the boat with salt stung lips they shook the damp ocean out of their dark hair. The man who called them in began to approach and as He did the brothers dropped their nets and fell to their knees in amazement. With shaking hands and trembling voices all they could manage to say was, "It's YOU!" 

They were entranced by the depths of his eyes and the sense that He was pulling them into Himself. Could it be, that this man, who hasn't even spoken a word, is the One whom they have been waiting for? Could this be the One they heard of as boys and who they dreamt of swinging swords with as they frolicked along the coast in youthful jest? 

Caught up in their imaginations, the brothers were awakened as this man began to speak to them. His voice was as firm and commanding as the waves but as warm and inviting as a fire after a bone chilling and treacherous night on the sea. 

"Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." 

Immediately, the brothers got to their feet and began to follow after the man leaving a trail of nets behind them and the very identity that they claimed for so long as their own. They knew, for this man, they would leave family, friends, and careers just to be able to soak up the wild sensation of being at His side. 

They were unsure of what He meant when He said "fishers of men", and this perplexed them for many days to come, but as they began to step faithfully into the foot prints this man left so perfectly in the sand, the truth of this phrase would begin to come to life within them.

But for now as they began to shuffle through the sand with the peculiar waving man, they were eager to take on whatever lay ahead, if it meant taking it on with Him. 

(A fictional retelling of Matthew 4:18-20)

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