How not wearing makeup changed my life.

Let me give you a little background. 

I was that girl that wouldn't even have a "stay-home-day" without wearing makeup. I loved wearing makeup and placed so much of my value in it. I'd spend hours putting it on, hundreds of dollars buying it, and would feel embarrassed and like The Hunchback of Notre Dame's twin sister without it. 

Just in the past few months I've stopped wearing makeup. I have to add that God has been radically transforming my self-image and self-worth over that past few years and so this transition felt very seamless. He worked on my heart so gently that instead of prying it out of my hands, I willingly handed it over.

There were actually three big motivating factors that led me to part with wearing makeup. 

1. I wanted to see my beauty without it. God made me so beautiful, just like he did each and every one of you and if He found me stunning first thing in the morning I probably should too. I really felt that I wasn't trusting God with my self-image and in a way I was telling him that He fell short from my standards. That He messed up. I really just wanted to look in the mirror, go to the mall, spend time with others and truly KNOW I am beautiful

2. The word God gave me this year for myself was invisible. Now this might sound strange and very counter-cultural but I find it utterly amazing. He placed this desire in my heart to be invisible in this world. By stepping into this I am able to truly let others see Him. A good friend heard God say that I was like a glass building. That couldn't be more spot on. I want to be the glass that others can look through to gaze upon the only thing that even matters. The beauty of God's Spirit that lives inside me. 

3. This one, not being as profound sounding as the others, is still very valuable to me. When I stopped wearing makeup I saved a ton of money. I really felt like that wasn't the best use of my money. 

Since putting makeup aside God has been able to truly transform these desires in my life. He's made them become very real for me. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing every flaw and every place that needed to be covered up, I saw what God saw. I see what God sees. I can wear makeup or not wear makeup and it really doesn't effect me. And I think that's the biggest thing to take away from this. Wearing makeup isn't bad. I still wear it could days a week to respect my work-standards and for a couple other little reasons but the key is that I don't have to and it doesn't effect how I see myself or how I feel. 

I think we can implement this into so many areas of our lives. The things we do and participate in shouldn't shake our value and self-worth. 

At the end of the day this really isn't about makeup at all but about getting the distractions out of the way to let God show us who we really are. Our value, self-worth, our very identity should be in Jesus Christ. When we figure that out everything changes. We no longer allow things, no matter how big or small to hold us captive. 

And it's important to have our eyes open to the fact that so many things can steal our freedom. But when we are born again in Christ, we have power over all of it. We have been purchased at the highest price and our freedom is ours to keep. 

Thanks for listening <3

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