It's all in the wrist

As I was sitting with the word self-care again I felt drawn back to the things I often let slip in and out of my life. Not usually because I don't want them but because my time and the things I love to do don't often fit into an 8 hour day. 

And to be honest that's actually ok. I have learned to find so much joy in loving my husband well,  loving my children well, and serving and leading others. I've been given such the incredible gift of truly seeing these things as purposeful and fulfilling parts of my life. That mind set certainly didn't start out there but God has definitely grown me into a beautiful season of contentment and joy in all the mundane and ordinary my life brings. 

I love that I can look back and see how incredibly hard it was to be a new wife, a new mom, and even new to this whole friendship thing with real women who need real time and dedication from me. I remember the intense loneliness and struggle in marriage, the heavy weight of feeling trapped and useless as a mom, and even the constant give and take, and more often give, of friendship. The reason why I love looking back at this is because I get to see how far I've come. And not necessarily the circumstance, even though there are definitely parts of each of those things that have blossomed and changed in beautiful ways, but just the way God has changed my perspective. That I've been able to see the value in these areas of my life and how it's all been entrusted to me because God trusts me to care for them. 

That I have a husband that I get to show patience, endurance, and wholeness too. That I have children that I get to partner with God in growing into beautiful and kind adults. That I, for once in my life, have friends that I get to love on by picking up my phone when it stretches an uncomfortable part in me, by leaving my dirty house to clean one of theirs, and by pulling up my big girl panties when I'm having a painful season to instead be a shoulder for them during theirs. 

I still need to be reminded of this from time to time for sure but I'm now living a life born from the seed of gratefulness instead of regretfulness. 

So I guess what all that is trying to say is that this new aspect of my self care comes from a heart of thankfulness. That taking this next step in focusing on my is simply God's invite into more for myself, not because I'm not happy with the gifts he's already given me but instead because God is a God who give and gives in abundance. 

What I feel I'm receiving permission or a prompting to pursue in order to care for myself more is simply fun. To take the time and remember all the things that I love to do and to make time to do them. 

The first things that came to mind was definitely writing. I've always loved to write. Ever since I was a little girl I would write. Whether it was heart sick love poems for long lost middle school sweethearts to angry letters to my dad for not letting me have a sleep over, I love writing. (And let me add, I now see why he said no). 

I've definitely put this on the back burner and I want more. 

Another area of my life that you might find very strange to put in the fun category is work. I actually love to work. I love seeing things produced from my hard work. I love knowing I've done something well. I have a tendency to be a workaholic if I'm not careful but I am trusting God to help me find balance in this. 

So I guess my next step in this journey of self-care for me is to actually take time and make a real list of the things that I love to do. Or better than that, a list of the things I used to love to do and do them. The reason I say a list of things I used to love to do is because I think we get so busy in life we actually don't know what we like to do anymore or who we even are as individuals. So at least this way I will have something on my list and then I can scratch off the things that don't fit anymore but at least its a place to start. 

So I'm hoping you will take this step with me. Find a notebook, a napkin, or an old grocery receipt and make your list of the things you like to do. Just you, not a family activity or a service project but things you enjoyed when you had the time for just you. And then pick some or even just one and make space for it. 

I'd love to hear what you choose <3 

I will post my list on my instagram if you want to see what else I think up. 


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