What I'm actually praying for my future daughters

It was a typical night in our home when I took my sweet 7 year old son down to his room to send him off to sleep for the night. We slumped down in his bed and started to read together. As we began to read he asked me why we all sleep where we sleep and why his dad and I always sleep together.

This led me to tell him of the beauty of marriage and that one day he too will lay down at night next to a woman he loves and chooses to be his wife. His little eyes filled with such joy and amazement it sent my heart leaping from my chest. To know that I have the call to nurture this little man's blossoming anticipation and excitement for marriage is such a magnificent privilege.

That I will be able to send a man into this world who is eager and excited to love and care for someone else's daughter, in marriage, seems such a great honour and rarity. 

As our conversation continued I was able to share the meaning of marriage with him. I was able to tell him of true love and how by loving his father with a deep, selfless, and sacrificial love I am able to show the world a tiny glimpse of Christ's great love for us. The most amazing part of this was that he was getting it, that my tender seven year old baby was nodding his head and fully absorbing what I was telling him.

He was beginning to understand 
a truth that so many go their whole lives without ever knowing.

What a gift for me to see.

Our conversation ended with him wanting to pray for his future wife and with closed eyes and full hearts we lifted that special girl up to God together.

These are the moments that I feel completely overwhelmed with gratitude in being a parent. That I am gifted this beautiful privilege of watching these pieces of my heart turn into children of God.

There's nothing I want more.

I've been sitting with this conversation for weeks now and every time I do I feel God's precious assurance that He is right beside me in this crazy parenting adventure. As I was thinking about that night again I realized something I hadn't thought of before. God placed a precious thought in my mind of how I can continue to pray for my future daughters. The women that will one day join into my family and will become another sweet gift from God.

There are so many ways I want to and will pray for these women but today God led me to pray for the women who need me. That God would bring along young ladies into my son's lives who need all the gifts He has given me as a mother.
Young ladies who need the deep, unwavering love of a mother.
Young women who will need my time, my prayers, my devotion, and my love.
There are girls out there right now, who like I once did, ache for that missing piece.
Who ache for a mother to hold their hand down the isle, in that hospital bed as they jump into mother hood, and at every other twist and turn from there on out.

Those are the girls I am praying for right now. 

That they will beautifully compliment my sons and love Jesus more than anything. 

That they will come into marriage already whole and will know what it means to suffer so that they can understand Christ a little deeper.
That they are prepared to hold on as tight as they can to the coattails of Jesus, as the waves of marriage and life rock everything they've ever known.
That they are fully dependent on Jesus first, and that they come into our life so I may love them deeply, as my own.

This is what I'm actually praying for my daughters.

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