To the wife with the broken heart

To the wife with the broken heart,
my heart aches for you today. As I sit and think about you, I think about all the ways we are so similar. About how our hearts are reaching so desperately for that other heart on the other end, about how we look at the man we've chosen and we see our past, our future, and the beating of our very heart. 

I just want to tell you I'm sorry. I'm sorry you are being let down. I'm sorry you are hurting. And I'm sorry I can't be there to help you back up. But I want to say sorry the most for making you feel like you are all alone. 

I feel like we have let you down. As wives we've all been hurt in some way, may it be big or small and it's so easy to want to wrap that hurt up in our pretty little dresses and hide it in the closet. We are doing such a huge disservice to you because you are broken and all alone and when you look at us you see a perfect marriage.You see mornings filled with good bye kisses, you see days with lunch dates and sultry text messages, you see nights filled with laughter and cuddling and we hide all the rest. 

You're afraid to call us up because you're so terrified of us seeing your mess and comparing our "cinderella stories" to it. And how can we blame you? 

So here I am to tell you that I do not live a cinderella story. You are not alone my friend and I will never look at you like you think I will. You will come out of this and you are so dearly loved! 
Pray my dear friend, pray for your husband, and pray with all you have. Pray that he sees how dearly he is loved, pray that he heals from all the pieces of his heart that have been broken. Pray that he falls madly in love with Jesus. Pray like Hannah did in the bible, pray hard and without ceasing. 
And when you are feeling all alone and broken please remember that our God loves you and will wrap you up in his big bear hug and he will never let you go. When you feel defeated and like you can't take any more, give it to him. He will take it all. He took on the cross for you and He will take this too. 

And lastly please don't be afraid to find me. I am here to love you and my life is messy too. We all have our messes. You are not alone! 

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