It's time to mark up your bible!

I wanted to share my bible art worship with you. I'm so excited about this because I've spent years trying to figure out what works for me when it come to reading my bible and thanks to this new craze I am really learning how to fall in love with my bible.

 I'm sure I can speak for many of you when I say that a lot of us were taught not to write in our bibles. I grew up a in handful of strict churches and that seemed to be a very obvious rule. Because of that I feel like it set an invisible wall between me and my bible. It made it something that wasn't mine in a way, something that I couldn't fully call my own.

I understand where the strict guidelines I grew up with pertaining to the bible came from of course. I do believe that we should never take away or add anything to the Word of God but that's a whole other thing. Bible art worship is just one of the many ways we can use our talents and passions to praise and lift up God. God smiles when we are passionately and joyfully getting to know Him and the beautiful words He's given us to live by. 

As I've been discovering my faith for myself and have been spending my time with amazing pastors and women of God one of the most amazing things I've heard is that we don't worship the book but the words that are written in it for the God who inspired it. This truly changed things for me. I started with little notes and scribbles here and there and now I am completely marking up my bible.
I really feel like God wants us to feel connected to him on a level that we will never fully understand and because of that I really believe that He wants us to feel comfortable in His word.

I tend to get a little out of control with my supplies but it's so fun how can I not? I use ink sprays as high lighters and to color my pages. I use tons and tons of stickers, washy tape, stamps and my new favorite is rub ons! 

While this my favorite way of reading my bible I realize it's not something everyone would be into but I really want to share how finding my way to spend time with God has transformed my life. I really hope that you can use this to find your "thing" no matter how unconventional it may be. Find what makes you excited to open your bible everyday. Discover what it takes for you to hear from God. We are all made differently for a reason but God wants us all to find passion and joy in getting to know Him. 

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