God cares about teething necklaces too!

I was chatting with a friend today about teething necklaces, which is a typical conversation for myself and most of the lovely ladies I spend my time with but today something was a little different. As we were chatting I just got this thought that "God cares about teething necklaces too." And while this seems like such a simple thought it was actually so profound to me.

Now let me explain, I had previously read a funny little article, which I'm sure most of you have, about pretty much the more you read the more you find that things, in relation to parenting, seem to end up contradicting themselves. I found the same to be true for teething necklaces.

I'm not here to say that books and blogs are bad, as I am attempting to write one after all, but the point I'm trying to get across is that I think we tend to run to the parenting section of Chapters so quickly we usually end up leaving the Holy Spirit in the trunk of the car.
As I sat with this thought that God gave me I really started to think about the limitations we put on the Holy Spirit in our lives. As Christians the Holy Spirit is our gift from God when we choose to live our life for him. It is Him in us. As we start to unfold this and get to know what this means in our lives we start to see how beautifully He works in our ministry, in our prayer life, in our devotions, and most amazingly, in the people around us. But I think the thing we miss is how the Holy Spirit can work in what we consider the "mundane and meaningless", like teething necklaces. I have to admit this is something I'm learning almost as I'm writing this but why can't the Holy Spirit work just as powerfully in the diaper rashes, in the sleep training, in the latching, and all these things that we read twenty books for but can never find answers for?
I believe with all of my being that God cares about me and my children and all that comes with that, and that goes for all of you too, so why would I not believe that He cares about the small stuff too?

I remember when I was sleep training my son I read a book that really changed things for me but had I sat and pleaded with God and asked for those answers from Him I truly believe He would have guided me perfectly through it with His little whispers.

As one of closest friends would put it, "My children are my kingdom work." My husband and my children are my first ministry. God gave them to me to glorify Him before anything else and with that He truly wants to see me succeed. He cares so much about this that, yes, He cares about teething necklaces too.

So what would it look like if we handed it all over? If we stopped putting silly limitations on God and stopped believing the lie that "our stuff" is too small for Him? The God that I love and the God that I choose to follow loves me exactly where I am with my hair in a messy bun with two mismatched socks and kraft dinner all over my Pj's at three in the afternoon. He is absolutely a sovereign and all powerful God but He is so much more! He has so much grace and love that He can look at all of our "little messes" and see exactly how big they are to us.

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  1. Matthew 6:26! One of my favs! If God takes care of the birds in the sky, how much more will he take care of us!

    I love this Candace! Even when I am looking for a parking spot I start calling out "Favor", every morning we wake up we are living in God's favor and he will always come through for us! The holy spirit walks with us daily, with us every moment. I love walking and talking with him! We are God's children and he will always help up out, even with the little things.