Anne Lindsay's cookbooks!

As most of you know I've mentioned Anne Lindsay's cookbook The New lighthearted Cookbook numerous times on here and mostly on my facebook page. I can't tell you enough how you should go out and buy it! It's so easy to cook from and all the ingredients are so easy to access. I've cooked just about every recipe from the cookbook, even though I haven't posted them all. I didn't want to post all the recipes and keep you all from buying the books. I got lucky and I actually came across two of Anne Lindsay's older cookbooks and I am so excited to start cooking from them!
I got the Lighthearted cookbook and Smart Cooking. I started going through them marking pages I liked but I realized I was putting a post it on every page haha. So I'm just planning on going through each one and cooking all the recipes.

I know how hard it is to find good cookbooks and recipes that work for our busy lifestyles and this is why I'm so excited about these because they are perfect for that!
I'd love to hear how the books are working for you guys!

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