just a handful of smart shopping tips I use on a regular basis

 I save most of my money by making sure I shop on the first Tuesday of each month at saveon foods. They are the only store with 15% off on those days. 
Safeway and sobeys are always way more expensive but if you must shop there make sure you are going on their discount day. 
If I buy any international food like sesame oil or something like that I try to get that at superstore cuz that stuff is always cheapest there even though I hate shopping there lol. 
I always take an hour or two before I go shopping and look through the flyers and I use what they have on sale that week to make a menu plan. I buy chicken breast, salmon, and ground turkey at Costco. Chicken legs and thighs are insanely cheap there. 
Saveon has the cheapest ground beef if you would prefer that. It's the 10$ rolls which are about 4 1/2 pounds of meat. Always buy bread, bacon, salad, and fruit at Costco. Bread is a little over 4$ for a loaf at the grocery store and you get 2 for that price at costco. 
Make sure you make a strict list and never buy anything that's not on it, especially at Costco because that's how you go from 100$ to 400$. I buy laundry soap, dish soap, ziplocks, trash bags, toilet paper, and paper towels only at Costco. You will always pay double anywhere else. You grocery bill may look a lot bigger when you are buying these big items but over time you save way way more. I spend on average for the three of us about 3-400$ a month on groceries when I follow the rules. That includes everything from diapers to groceries to household items like toilet paper. 
I buy ecos laundry soap from Costco for 15$ and it last us just over a year for one bottle. And we do a lot of laundry. 
 I've saved so much money just by taking that extra time to plan and study the best way to shop in my area.

If you would like more tips please ask. There is so much more especially when it comes to what you are buying. 
Stay away from brand names. 
Buy oranges instead of chips for snacks.
Take the time to bake cookies instead of buying chips ahoy. It's healthier and way cheaper. 

The number one tip to saving money and taking care of your health is to simply take the time to shop and cook. There is always a way to make the time to cook a meal. If you have to make crock pot dinners every night. Take left overs to lunch with you. 

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