This would complete me...

I have always dreamed of making a fancy dinner on white plates and drizzling some type of sauce all over the plate to make it look straight from a restaurant. I've been talking about wanting these plates for as long as I can remember so I decided I would blog about it. I don't need bowls because I got some gorgeous deep bowls that would go so great with a white plate set. The only problem is I don't have the white plate set. I guess I can hope :)

Aren't they just lovely. 
To add to this I thought I would write about how I dream about my kitchen looking. Maybe one day I will be able to make it happen. 

In this picture I would LOVE to have this table! Doesn't it make you just want to open the blinds and take an hour drinking your coffee in the morning and reading a good book. 

These chairs are too die for! It is actually making me sad blogging about this because that means I'm not actually doing it... yet! 

And to top it all off. I'd love to be in a cute apron with flour coated hands, standing by the stove baking cookies. Call me cliche but how could you not?!

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