This is NOT a diet, it's a lifestyle!

The thing I don't like about diets is that it indirectly says "temporary". You go into a diet expecting to eventually end it either when you reach a certain goal, see results, or when you start saying you can't do it anymore. I am in no way a nutritionist or an expert in this field but I am not a supporter of diets. I am very passionate about fitness and health and growing up in a very nutritionally strict family I have grown to see the importance in living a healthy lifestyle.

There was a time when people had to work hard to get food and lived far into their hundreds. There was no Mcdonalds or fried food and people didn't have salt shakers on their dinner tables. To be blunt about it, we are not living the lifestyle we were designed to live. We are supposed to be healthy and active. To be honest I feel that people have simply given up on themselves and their futures as healthy vibrant adults. A huge amount of kids today aren't even given the chance to live a normal and healthy life. They are over weight before they are even old enough to know what that means.

We need to start looking at fitness and eating healthy as the way we have to live and not an option. Fitness should be looked at as something that is just a part of our everyday life. We go to work, go to school, and we go workout an hour a day. For generations we've seen our society stand up for different causes from slavery to women's rights and now there is a big stand against bullying. We've made the world better and better by standing up for these causes but we need to have an uprising for our health. There are so many people dying because they couldn't get their health under control and it's something we have the power to change.

I know there are so many people who say it's not as easy as it sounds but it can be.  There are simple steps you can take to start living a healthier lifestyle.
-Make a list before you go to the grocery store and eat before you go.
-Only buy what is on your list
-Don't buy unhealthy foods and if you don't know what the alternative is there are millions of websites and books that can help with that.
-If you don't have the unhealthy food and snacks in your home you won't eat them.
-Buy fruit and veggies and nuts and trail mix to snack on
-Dont buy cookies, unhealthy snacks, and soda.
-Don't drink soda. It's that simple. You don't need it, it does nothing positive for you. Just say no.
-Buy salsa, Mrs. Dash salt free seasonings, and avocados.
-Eat eggs, they are healthy! Use cottage cheese instead of cheddar to mix with your eggs. It tastes better anyways.
-Drink homemade smoothies. You can mix carrots and spinach in and not even taste it.
-Pack healthy snacks whenever you leave the house. This will keep you from driving through somewhere.
-Have a workout plan when you go to the gym or take a class. It will fly by if you do. Most people can't workout on their own.
-Don't wait for results. Workout to better yourself and not to see results and you won't be disappointed and tempted to quit. You will see results so don't worry about them.
-Don't workout at home. It's way to hard to get motivated at home and you won't workout to your full potential.
-Pay for a class or membership. You are more likely to go if you are spending money on it.
-Keep a journal and take it to the gym with you. It's easier to see results by the number than by looking in the mirror.
-Have fun working out and find what is fun for you. There are so many options from dancing to group fitness to personal training to working out alone. You don't have to run.
-Weight training will burn more calories than running.
-Find someone that will hold you accountable and call you when you aren't at the gym when you are supposed to be.
-Go to, you can find training and workout routines, videos and so much more that will work for you. I use this site all the time. I take my iphone to the gym and have my workouts with me. That way I know I'm doing them all and when I leave I know I did the best workout I could do.

This isn't about looking a certain way or meeting some standard, this is about health and living a fuller and better life. This is about taking control of your life.

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