My Top three products when you have a baby

I was thinking about all the things that we as parents need when we bring a new member of the family home. We never have enough diapers, wipes, or naps but we seem to accumulate tons of other stuff. We are on this journey and I think no matter how many times we do it we are always trying to find the next best thing for our babies and ourselves. So I wanted to share with you all my personal top three products.

When I was thinking about this I didn't really even have to give it a lot of thought. The three products came into my head instantly. The third product I actually just learned about from my amazing sister in law.

#1. My number one product is definitely Lanolin nipple cream. Hands down this is the most amazing product out there. I want to say life saving. My sister told me about this before I had my son so I had very little suffering when breast feeding but I have ran across so many new moms who have never even heard of this miracle cream. Let me just tell you ladies, this will make nursing actually enjoyable, where you can actually enjoy the bond you are sharing with your baby. And the best part is it's completely safe for the baby so you never have to wipe it off, actually you aren't supposed to wipe it off, and you can just keep putting it on

#2. I'd have to give the number two spot to the Baby Einstein videos.  I used these videos for my own sanity. When you have a new baby sleep isn't really something you get to participate in that often so I took full advantage of naps. I would put a Baby Einstein video in and just like that Troy (my son) would be glued. Now I know there are people who would consider this "babysitting my son" but he was an infant strapped into a soothing center, not going anywhere and he would almost always fall asleep with the videos and in doing this I would be able to sneak in an hour or two a day of naps for myself.

#3. Lastly, my son has had really bad eczema ever since he was really tiny. I would try everything out there and either they wouldn't do anything or he would have an allergic reaction to them. I got the Aveno Eczema cream and it worked great until my poor little guy broke out in hives. Just recently my sister in law told me about Glaxal Base Cream. It's a completely hypoallergenic cream that works wonders on really dry skin and eczema. I couldn't be more thankful and happy to see my baby not scratching at his skin all the time.

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