Homemade weddings. Could it be my thing?

This is Candace and this is my first post on this blog. I was sitting here contemplating how I wanted to start this off because I have so many ideas running through my head all day. That's mostly why I wanted to start blogging. Chris and I got married this past August and we were on quite a tight budget considering we had our first baby just a year prior. He (our son) has absolutely turned our lives upside down for the better. I'm sure I will blog about him later. I was researching weddings last year and came across so many amazing vintage wedding blogs and I loved every single idea. The problem with that however is those little cute details add up really fast. Going to antique stores I found that the little watering cans that I dreamt of being 5-10$ ended up being more like 30$ each. So one day I stumbled through Ikea and found these amazing tall steel watering cans and that lit something inside me to make my own affordable vintage wedding. We didn't get the best pictures of the centerpieces but I went to costco and got bulk gerber daisies and make my own centerpieces. They came out to roughly 8-10$ a table (including the flowers), which is insanely cheap. I also made my own bouquet and my bridesmaids carried a single gerber daisy. I spent only about 10$ on the flowers for my whole bridal party. Ikea also had these small glass jars that I used a hot glue gun to stick the twine around the center of the jars and then made table numbers out of scrapbook paper and wrote cute sayings and quotes on them. I had so much fun doing all this and while it was a little time consuming the amount of money you save is so worth it. This was my first project but I'm hoping to be able to help out with some more weddings because I have so many ideas.

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