How to sew a burp cloth

 Welcome to my first tutorial!! So let's get started... here's how to sew your very own burp clothes!

Start with two pieces of fabric. I like to use cotton on one side and minky or  terry clothe for the opposite side. I used minky here, so I did cut it a little bigger than my cotton fabric because it makes it easier to work with.

I usually cut my burp cloth pieces about 10"x18"

Place the two fabric's face to face. Whatever you want to see when it's all done should be facing the inside for this part.

For my minky fabric I pin it like crazy! This helps movement when you're sewing.

You can start sewing now. Make sure you do a little back stitch when you start. 
I just use a normal stitch and sew all the way around. 

But make sure you STOP leaving a few inches open and then backstitch to keep everything from unraveling later.  

You want this opening to pull the fabric through. Or it will be inside out.

Make sure you pull all your pins out at this time

Now clean up your fabric a bit. 
Trim the excess fabric and curve your edges.

Now pull your fabric through the hole you left in the beginning.

Pull it all the way through and smooth out the seams and edges.

Pin the hole that is left. We will sew all the way around so this won't be visible in the end product.

Just make sure you pull your pin before sewing this up.

Now sew a cute little edging all the way around. This closes up your hole and make the product look for finished and professional. 

Just make sure it's wide enough to catch both fabrics but thin enough to sew up the hole. 

And there you go! You can now make your own burp clothes! 

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