Bandana Bib Tutorial and Template

To Start you're going to need to print the bib template. Make sure it's printed on regular US letter size paper and when printing make sure you select the print setting "print entire image".

*Click the image to link you to the printable PDF template.

Once printed your will want to fold your fabric in half like you used to do when you made those cute little paper hearts when you were a kid. Place the dotted line of the template on the folded side of the fabric and cut around the rest of the template and fabric.

You will want to do this with both of the fabrics you are using for the bib.

Once you've cut your two pieces of fabric (I used this black and white cotton and a soft sweatshirt material for the other side) unfold them. Place the two fabrics opened up and facing each other.

Pin around the fabric as needed.

Now you can start sewing. Do a little backstitch and sew almost the entire way around your bib.

 Make sure you STOP giving yourself a few inches to pull your fabric through. Do another backstitch to keep everything from unraveling.

I have forgotten to stop so don't feel silly if you do. Just grab a seam ripper and back up a little bit to make your hole.

Trim up your fabric a bit. Cutting overflowing fabric and rounding off your edges.

Now pull your fabric through the hole you left earlier. Now your bib won't be inside out anymore.

Smooth your edges and seams.

Pin the hole you pulled the fabric through by folding the fabric in slightly to match the rest of the seam.

Sew all the way around again, this time with the bib no longer inside out. Make sure your seam is thick enough to catch both fabrics but thin enough to seal up that hole we left int he beginning.

Make sure you pull your pin out right before sewing up the hole.

Now you will have a nice little bit with a decorative outer seam line.

 Now is time to add your snaps. 

I use snaps instead of velcro because I find them easier to work with and they are cuter.

I have the KAM Snap Press Plier Hand Setter Tool and I love it! I got mine on amazon and you can click the link to find the same one.

You will need two backs (the ones with the smooth sides) and two opposing fronts.

You will need an Awl Tool to pierce a good hole that won't tear your fabric. If one didn't come with your KAM kit you can buy one by clicking the link here. 

Puncture a hole on both ends of the bib. 

Put one of your back pieces through the hole and one of your opposing fronts on the other side. It should sit snuggly in the back piece against the fabric. 
Now using your Kam pliers place the smooth back of the back snap on the black base and your opposing front facing up against the white rubber piece of the plier.

Press down on the plier to secure your snap. 

If you find you've placed the snaps on wrong, don't worry! You can safely break them off by turning the snap sideways (standing up) in the pliers and press down to snap them off and try again. 

And there you go! You can now make your own bandana bibs! 

Or you can visit our shop and order some of ours! Enjoy and please share and pin this tutorial if you liked it! Also feel free to contact me on my about me page if you have any questions!