Stopping Cancer one runner at a time

I am running in the Edmonton Underwear Affair June 18, 2011. This run is to uncover cancers below the belt. All the proceeds go to The Alberta Cancer Foundation to fund research and to ultimately find a cure! I am asking for your support by donating whatever you can to make a difference. Tell your family and friends!

You can donate at ed11.uncoverthecure.org/goto/candacescott

So I wanted to make this a little more personal and tell you a little about myself. I am a mom and wife and I am just starting my journey with running. I am absolutely loving it so far. I never thought I would be a runner but once I threw myself out there I actually found it to be something I could fall in love with. I used to get bored running but after years of never putting on my running shoes I decided what better way to start running than to enter a race.

I ran my first race to support kids who can't afford to play in organized sports and after running for a cause

I realized that this is something so simple that I could do that can make such a big impact in other people's lives.

I do not know anyone who has struggled with cancer but that motivates me to support this cause even more. I feel that it takes a personal experience to step up and make a difference and I am here saying that that doesn't have to be the case. I am running for all those who I don't know and for the prevention of cancer! I don't want to have a personal experience related to cancer and I don't want anyone else to have to either and that's why I am running and supporting the fight to not only stop cancer but to prevent it!
Join me and support the fight!

You can also run with me and join my team. Go to ed11.uncoverthecure.org/goto/choniesforthehomies