New project

So I've been inspired to start a new project. I've been wanting to start refinishing furniture for a long time now but I just haven't "jumped" on it yet. I've been looking through craigslist and kijiji finding old furniture that has seen better days and I want to make it new. I don't know if this will be a money making project necessarily but I like the idea of doing it for fun.
Chris and I found an old beat up dresser just sitting outside someones house with a free sign on it and while Chris was not liking the idea I wanted to take it home. It was brutal. One of those old dressers your grandma had but didn't want anymore with the brass handles.
Unfortunately I don't have a before picture but it looks awesome now. This was pretty simple so I'm looking for a more challenging project. This is the end result:

I am waiting to hear back from a guy on Craigslist to find out about a free shelf but this is going to be roughly what my next project is going to look like.
entertainment center beforeBefore
entertainment center afterAfter