My Top Apps

I really liked the idea of sharing my top three baby products with you so I thought I would share my other most used items and, other than coffee, that would have to be my iphone apps. I will try to put them in order of which ones I find most important or most used but I have a lot so they might get mixed up.

#1. I'd have to say my number one used app would have to be my calendar actually. I had a hard time switching from the classic paper calendar but once I did things became much more organized actually. I am constantly checking it and adding new things.

#2. I don't know if I want to admit it but my second most used app would have to be facebook. It's just so convenient to check my facebook when it's in my hand.

#3. I'm going to give the number three spot to my RBC banking app. This is so nice to have and it makes staying on top of bills and finances so much easier.

#4. I am going to combine two apps here. I have an errands and grocery list app and I used them both about the same. It's so nice being able to input all my errands and have them in the palm of my hand always reminding me. The grocery list app is great because I just input all my groceries and I open the app and put it on my perse in the shopping cart while I'm at the store. When I get an item off the list I just touch that item on the phone and it gets checked off. I was really tired of paper that is hard to keep out and finding a pen because that's one thing I always forgot to bring.

#5. My mail app is a must have. I have it synced with my google mail account and all my mail is sent straight to my phone.

#6. A great app I found that was 99 cents was magazines for women. This app is awesome because it contains almost every magazine us ladies would want. While I still love the feel of flipping through a magazine, this is just a lot cheaper solution. It has cosmo, better homes and gardens, instyle, us magazine, glamour, elle, oprah, people, and so many more.

#7. Cardstar is a very convenient app. I upload all of my cards like, my grocery points and savings cards, library cards, drug store points cards, airmiles and so many more and then I just keep the cards in a drawer somewhere in the house. I can then take my phone and whenever I need one of these cards the stores can actually scan the barcode on my phone. It leaves so much room in my wallet and I always have all those "cards" together.

#8. Some of the most useful apps actually aren't even for me. If I'm being honest the most used apps on my phone are actually my son, Troy's. His top three are Talking Gina, Talking Larry (talking animals who you can poke and play with), and the cat in the hat books. 

#9. Epicurious is an amazing cooking app. It has every recipe you can imagine and there are tons of reviews so you can make sure you are going to be making a good recipe that works.

#10. I love the food network app. This is my favorite cooking app actually. I love being able to cook after real chefs and this allows you to make all the recipes that are shown on the food network.

#11. goodfood is another great cooking app. This app is for kids food. Easy and healthy recipes for almost any age.

#12. mint.com is an amazing finance tool. Chris (my husband) and I use this all the time. We can make budgets and set goals for vacations and savings and it syncs with ou bank accounts. It lets us know when we are about to go over budget, how much money we are spending, and how much we need to cut back in other areas of our budget to make up for over spending. I highly recommend this app! Make sure you create an account on the website as well.

#13. Lastly if you are looking for a good game to play when you are bored I definetly say you get tiny wings. This game is so much fun and blows angry birds and cut the rope out of the water. I do warn you though it is very addicting.